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Identify the Good Mail


This Mail template is used to test for Good Mail by pasting documents into this database. We tell our users to "Look for the Logo". If you see the logo, you can trust that it is from that sender. If you don't see the logo, it is a fake, 100% of the time.

Verisend 2.7 2022-03-18 Expires 2022-06-06

Verisend Shows the Good Mail in HCL Notes and Domino

How can you Identify Good Internal and External Email?

Watch our 1 Minute Explanation of Verisend:

How Verisend Shows the Good Mail
Messages that are received in Domino are first checked for SPF compliance using SpamSentinel or our Positive Identity for HCL Domino addin. We stamp the message with those results.

When the user opens a good message, Verisend shows a Display Panel in the Notes client and displays for the user a green panel:

1. Known Branded Senders

      2. Known Internal Senders

      3. Known External Senders (people in your address book or that you have sent mail to and whose email passes SPF)

      Use Caution withe these next 3 cases

      4. External Senders whose email passes SPF but you do NOT know

      5. External Senders whose email does NOT pass SPF

      6. External Senders whose email FAILS SPF

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