Thank you to the customer stealing our software


We found a "customer" who has been stealing our SpamSentinel software for about a year now. Frankly, we are flattered. He could have stolen anyone's software, but he chose ours! We feel honored, to say the least!

I guess we are happy that he likes our software. What if he said "It is not even worth nothing?". But that can't be true. Our software has a value to him, as he had to spend time to steal it, and time equals money.

It takes a lot of time to figure out how to work around a locking system, but it was obviously worth it to him to get the best in spam protection. It gives new meaning to the term "brand loyalty". I mean, we could use him as a testimonial "we love this anti-spam software for Lotus Domino so much that we steal it!"

Here is their server check-in document. Notice the monthly reinstalls, 10 so far:

To quote Bill Gates who knows a bit about this subject:

"As long as they are going to steal software, we want them to steal ours"

Even though "the customer is always right", we needed to do something, so we added this to the subject of each spam message: "SpamSentinel Trial License Expired - please email license@maysoft.com to obtain license".

Let's see if that gets him to contact us. But we really are flattered!

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